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c s o u n d   v i m   t o o l s

set of tools for editing Csound files with Vim
author: luis jure
e-mail: lj [ @ ] eumus . edu . uy
homepage: http://www.eumus.edu.uy/docentes/jure/

Set of tools for editing Csound files (.orc, .sco, .csd, .udo) with Vim: syntax recognition and highlighting, folding, macros, on-line reference and templates.

Vim is a much improved clone of the traditional "vi" editor, with lots of added features. Vim is free, very powerful and highly configurable, and runs on almost any operating system, including GNU/Linux and other Unixes, DOS/Windows and MacOS/OSX.


These tools turn Vim, with all its editing power, into a simple but productive Csound frontend.

Read the readme file for further details.

the files

All the files listed below are available in a compressed tarball.

quick install

  1. copy csound.vim and csound_opcodes.vim to $VIM/vimfiles/syntax/
    copy csound_macros to $VIM/vimfiles/macros/
    copy template.csd to $VIM/vimfiles/templates/
    copy csound.txt to $VIM/vimfiles/doc/
    copy csoundft.vim to $VIM/vimfiles/ftdetect/

    or, if you downloaded the compressed tarball, simply uncompress it in the $VIM/vimfiles directory.

    $VIM is normally set to /usr/share/vim (eventually /usr/local/share/vim) on linux, and C:\Program Files\Vim on Windows. Check the location on your system typing :echo $VIM from within Vim.

  2. as root, run this command from within Vim:

    :helptags $VIM/vimfiles/doc

  3. Read the readme file for further details.

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luis jure
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