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Wind instruments synthesis toolbox for generation of music audio signals with labeled partials

Martín Rocamora, Ernesto López, Luis Jure. 2009.
Proceedings of the SBCM 2009 – 12th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music. Recife – Pernambuco, Brasil.


In this work a methodology is proposed and a set of software tools is released for the automatic generation of synthesized audio files accompanied with labels that describe the temporal evolution of the amplitude and frequency of each one of the partials present. The approach is to synthesize wind instruments sounds using a simple yet effective additive synthesis model based on [Horner and Ayers, 1998]. Some improvements over the original model are implemented and others suggested for future work. In the context of automatic extraction of musical content from audio, this data can be used as ground truth labels for the development and evaluation of algorithms intended for example to estimate partials parameters or track its evolution. This seems an interesting contribution, since manual annotation is a very time consuming task in this situation and a resource of this kind is not available for researchers at present.

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