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Set of tools for editing Csound files (.orc, .sco, .csd, .udo) with Vim: syntax recognition and highlighting, autocompletion, folding, macros, on-line reference and templates.

Csound is a free and cross-platform language for digital audio synthesis and processing. With around 2000 opcodes and a simple but powerful syntax, Csound is one of the most flexible and complete tools available today for computer music.

Vim is a much improved clone of the traditional vi editor, with lots of added features. Vim is free, very powerful and highly configurable, and runs on almost any operating system, including GNU/Linux and other Unixes, DOS/Windows and MacOS/OSX.

Project homepage at Github:


These tools turn Vim, with all its editing power, into a simple but productive Csound frontend.

Read the README file for further details.


The plugin can be easily installed using a plugin manager like Pathogen, Vundle, NeoBundle or VimPlug.

It can also be installed manually, downloading the Zip file from the Git repository.

Read the README file for further details.