II Festival FIEUM 2018 - Curso de Piano y Musica de Camara

Solapas principales

Dirigido a: 

Estudiantes de las cátedra de Piano de la EUM, ciclo superior y CIM.
Estudiantes de piano de todas las instituciones de enseñanza musical del país.
Estudiantes de Grupos Sonantes, de todo el territorio nacional. Estudiantes de la Escuela Municipal de Música Vicente Ascone. Estudiantes del Sistema de Orquestas del SODRE. Estudiantes de casas de cultura departamentales.
Músicos en general.

Acerca de los docentes: 

Pianist Daan Treur was born in Haarlem and grew up in Nieuw Vennep where he received his first piano lessons from the local music school. His rapid development led to his early entrance to the School for Young Talent and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague where he spent his high school years studying with Marlies van Gent. In this period he also won a number of prizes at competitions like the Steinway Competition, Prinsis Christina Competition and SJMN. Daan then continued his studies at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam with Mila Baslawskaja. It was in this period that he discovered his love for chamber music that continues to be the driving force of his career to this day. He plays in various settings nationally and internationally including the Haarlem Piano Trio with Isabel Vaz and Eduardo Paredes. Daan has also performed various times as a soloist including performing Rachmaninov Piano Concert Number 2 with the Betuws Symphony conducted by Nicholas Devons. Daan has also taken part in various masterclasses with Konstatin Bogino, Franco Scala, Almudena Cano, Tamra Podoubnaya, David Kuijken and Paul Komen. Daan also spends a good deal of his time teaching. He teaches in Nieuw Vennep and Haarlem and was also a teacher at the conservatory in Bragança as well as being a teacher and collaborative pianist at the Escola Professional De Arte De Mirandela in Portugal. Daan is also conductor and pianist of the Dutch Choir in the Moeder de Verlosserkerk in Haarlem.
Comienzo del curso: 
Lunes 12 de Noviembre
Facultad de Artes
UYU $1 000
Nicolás Giordano, Javier Toledo, Federico Curti